Our farm

Hercules, according to legend, fashioned the Pyrenees, thus offering a gigantic tomb to his beloved Pyrène.

Accumulating rocks, he connected  Mediterranean Sea with Atlantic Ocean by an wide chain of mountains which he planted with fir, beech and oak.

The tears he poured became clear rivers and deep lakes.
    Thus were created the Pyrenees.
    Then came men and women.
    With their arms and their herds, they pushed back the forest and opened wide grassy areas in the heart of the massifs.
    They built terraces on the sunny sides of the mountains, stone bridges to cross the torrents, paths running from one valley to the other, and small villages with narrow streets and houses clasped together. The earth was so precious ...
    Thus they tamed the hostile mountains and shaped the landscapes.
    It is where we live today  ...
    ... and it is this world that we invite you to discover in the company of our donkeys.

La ferme aux ânes, a small farm in the mountains

Three breeders, David, Laurence and Laurence (yes, it is not a typo error, there are 2 Laurence at the donkey farm: Laurence Rousseau and Laurence Aleman), children, donkeys, cows, a network of friendships in the valley, paths perfectly known, refuge guardians  who are also friends. Let's say truth: life is beautiful!

Of course there are also whole day with brushcutters on our back, nights to watch calving, drinking troughs that freeze in winter, fences to repair a few hours walk ... but, nevertheless, life is beautiful.

A life rich in encounters, when we welcome hikers or are going to deliver beef from our farm.

La ferme aux ânes is in 2 locations on the Route des Corniches in the Upper Ariège valley in Pyrenees: Unac at 700 meters altitude and Appy at an altitude of 1000 meters.
Everything started at Unac. There, we welcome the hikers. The farm buildings are at Appy, near David's and Laurence's home.
We live in mountains. In the bottom and on the flanks of the valley, the villages. On the highest part, the vast summer pastures,  that welcome the herds.

 LA FERME AUX ÄNES Laurence HUEZ, David HUEZ, Laurence ROUSSEAU    09250 UNAC     Ariège Pyrénées    tel : 06 85 34 20 22