Gasconne breed

Since a long time used for both animal traction and the production of tasty meat, the Gascon breed is very well suited to the harsh conditions of the mountain from Ariege. Agile on steep terrain, good walker, insensible to the vagaries of time, it benefits perfectly of the transhumance in the high pastures from May to October.
Therefore, while strolling on our mountains, you will encounter these large herds of cows followed by their calves.
Today, the Gascon breed occupies the South of Midi-Pyrenees and Languedoc Roussillon.
The herd of the breed includes about 25,000 cows.

vaches  et veaux en Ariège-Pyrénées
Calves are brown at birth
vaches en montagne Pyrénées
The great herd of cows in summer pasture
taureaux en montagne Ariège Pyrénées
Fight bulls in summer pasture

Their grey coat with black tips (edge of the ears, tip of the horns, tail, snout, hooves) and dark mucous membranes can withstand exposure to sunlight. The hard and black hooves give an exceptional ability to walk. The horns are lyre-shaped. This detail was important when they were bound under the yoke. Besides the "visible" rusticity , Gascon breed is characterized by its fertility, calving ease and longevity. His fame comes from his meat qualities and its natural breeding. Its meat thin with tight fiber is very much appreciated. In our valley it's the main breed. Most farmers sell their calves in autumn. Their livestock will end in the fattening, mainly in Italy. In our farm, we fatter ourselves the calves and we sell directly all our meat


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