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1- Donkeys
2- Our formulas
3- Prices
4- Preparing your trekking
5- The period
6- Maping
7- Accomodation
8- Your luggages
9- S.O.S donkeys service
10- Your dog
11- Your car and various things
12- Our general conditions for treks with donkeys

1- Donkeys

They are used to carry your luggage and occasionally your young kids, under your responsability, and along certain paths within your tour.
The kids must be able to sit by themselves (so being over 2 years old) and must be looked after to avoid any kind of problem (being ready to fall asleep,...)
When there is a child on its back, the donkey has to be hold by an adult with the tether. For security, it's better to protect child's head with a ridehat or a mountain bike helmet. If your child is very small, you must take with you a special bag to carry the baby on your own back to put him when sleeping.
The donkeys can walk along all the suggested tours, but in the high mountain area, their progression is rather difficult. You must know that: walking with a donkey doesn't mean go faster, rather go more slowly sometimes.

Their équipment : each donkey wears a halter, a tether, a wooden pack-saddle, with a big bag clipped on each side. It can carry a load of 40 kilos, that is to say the luggage for 2 or 3 walkers. This load must be perfectly balanced (20 kg on each side). On top of that, only light stuff (such as matress) can be added, to avoid weariness or lack of balance.

Donkeys transportation: Some of our treks need donkeys transportation. The price of this service is indicated on each technical leaflet. It's the same price, whatever the number of donkeys may be. If you want a special trek, donkeys transportation costs 1,10 euro per km.

Their food : we generally provide 600 gr of cereal (quantity per day for each donkey) brought up during the tour when possible. During evey one of the tours, the donkeys will get water they can drink daily.
Night gestion : In case of accomodation, a donkey park is already set nearly. If you camp in the wilderness, with one or two donkeys, you'll be provided with a "night tether" to tie them up while you're sleeping. If camping with a bigger number of donkeys, you'll be equiped with a hike park (very light glass fiber sticks, a fence wire and a mobile battery as big as a torch).

2-Our formulas

We rent donkeys for treking, without accompanist. You go " alone " with " your " donkey. We indicate the way and the paths.

* Simple rent:
We only rent one or more donkeys and give you all the necessary advices to organise your trek, according to your wishes and ability. You need arround one donkey for 2 or 3 persons but it depends on your organisation: Do you carry a part of the luggages on your own back? Are there children riding the donkeys? Do you camp or do you sleep in shelters? For some treks, you must camp because there is no shelter. For some others, you can choose between camping and refuge. You can too camp one night and sleep in a confortable shelter the following night. Donkeys transportation adds to the rent price as indicate on the technical leaflets. You have to buy the maps.

*Global pricewith board (for donkey and accomodation rent):
This solution relieves of all the problems of organisation. You easily know your trekking budget; Of course, this proposition is possible only for the trekkings owning a refuge for each night!

This proposition is available from 2 people. It includes : one donkey for 2 or 3 persons, its pack-saddle and bags, accomodation, transportation of the donkey and maps. You can choose between half-board (night+breakfast+evening meal) and "full" board (night+breakfast+evening meal and picnics)
You must add your personnal expenditure and showers in the refuges.
We book your places in the refuges as indicate on the technical leaflets. If impossible because one of them is full for one nignht, we find an other solution (with another refuge or by changing your dates of trek with your agreement)
Thoses prices don't include half-board for the evenings before and after your trek. For those nignts, we can book for you in a bed and breakfast, or hostel of the valley.


* For simple rent : we give you a price for each donkey. 10% discount if more than 3 donkeys. Refer to the technical leaflets and to tariffs table.

*For global price with board: we give you a price for each person (from 2 people). Technical leaflets and tariffs table give you child and adult rates.
If you need information about your stay, a different tour, get in touch with us, we will plan together about your project

4-Preparing your trekking

IYou choose your departure day, the best way being arriving the day before, between 15pm and 19 pm. Then you'll get all the instructions concerning your tour, modify it according to your wishes or the characteristics of your group. At that stage, during one or two hours, we will talk about the details of your tour and we trace it on the map. The next morning, you are introduced to your donkey and you are tought how to load it and lead it. Then we share the first loading.

5 -The period

The several days treks described on the technical leaflets are possible in July, August and September. Apart from the summer season, lower altitude tours must be planned, taking in account the snow on the paths or possible snow falls.


Each technical leaflet mentions the suitable map(s). The whole area shows, on 1/25000 Top 25 maps. If you can't manage to buy them, you'll find them right here. If you have no idea where you would like to go (as most people camping in the wilderness), don't buy a map beforehand. You'll get the proper one when you have made up your mind about a definite tour, after preparation including wheather forecast.

7-Accomodation, where to sleep

Mountain gites and bothies generally propose small 4 to 6 beds dormitories. If you don't carry a tent, you really have to book. You'll find there some blankets but you must take your own sheets. We can't offer accomodation ourselves but we can indicate references for camp sites, hostels or bed and breakfast in the neighbourood, for the day before and after your trek.

8-Your luggages

For certain tours, food is provided every 2 or 3 days. Others happen in very wild areas and you often are several hour walk from the first inhabited spots. Think about this while packing.
In High Ariege, the climate is irregular, proper to medium heights : bright sunshine during the day, surprising coolness at night.
* Walking boots, and light shoes
* Change clothes, a warm pullover, a sunhat
* Rain clothing (waterproof raincoat)
* Warm coat
* Flask, torch, notepad, pen, lighter, knife, string, medecine (don't forget aspivenin), suncream, sunglasses
* Plastic bags to wap your gear within your rucksack (very efficient in case of rain) and to carry your waste back
* Stove and cooking equipment, tent, sleeping bag (if camping)
* Sheet (only blanquets are provided in refuges)
* Compas and altimeter( for higher mountain tours) Wherever you walk through a village, you'll find drinkable water. If you only walk in the mountains, you'll get water from the numerous springs. Take chlorine tablets with you.

9-S.O.S donkeys service

In case of a problem with one of your donkeys, we freely replace it the same day. l pack animals carrying goods up the mountain Your luggage or material can be carried up in a nice place. From here, you'll go discovering the surrounding mountains. Ask for an estimate

10-Your dog

Your dog may accompany you during your hike, except for the treks going in Orlu reserve. .
After a time of adaptation and mutual observation, it will cohabit with the donkeys.
But note that it does not simplify the organization of your hike. It is sometimes difficult to manage everything at once: the donkey or donkeys, children, luggage, map and follow the right path and ... the dog. Especially since it is sometimes necessary to keep away from the donkey with the dog on a leash.
You  keep your dog on a leash in areas of grazing cattle. Dogs can not sleep in accommodation; In general, a shelter is provided for them outside.
Remember to let us know if you plan to walk with a dog.

11-Your car and various things

It will stay at Unac, on the church square, very near our farm. If you have precious stuff (bicycles, computer,...), we can keep it safe with us.

12-Our general conditions for treks with donkeys

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