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For 25 years, we met many hikers ...

Teenagers arriving glued to their mobile phone and , forgetting their phones become "caravan leaders", children crying when leaving their sweet fellow with big ears, worried mom" Will my son let his touch pad for some days? " and returning radiant.

The success of the hike is of course the country, landscape, donkeys ... for all that, we are confident.
We'll choose the good donkey for you because, of course, we do not give the same donkey to the family with small children and to a group of great walkers.
It is also the weather ... and then we can do nothing, except try to shift your stay if it's possible for you and for us.
Finally, is choosing the route that suits to you: length, difficulty, comfort. Nothing is forced, all choices are possible.

The pages of this website help you to imagine your best trek with a donkey.


How many days? Easy or difficult ramble? Tent or shelter? How many donkeys?
Here are some questions you ask before choosing your ride.
We can only provide one answer, each family, each group has its own criteria and its constraints.
This page gives you a few things to help your choice. For more information, click on the tabs
Level: For a successful holiday, choice the good level

Even if you hike perfectly, do not overestimate the capacity of your group: choose a trail suitable for the worst walkers of your group (young children, people with difficulties for going down or up, etc. ...). Conversely, do not underestimate the capacity of children 8-10 years old, they walk almost like an average adult.

Formulas: "simple rent" or "all inclusive"

In "simple rent" formula, we rent the donkeys, you take care of accommodation.
In circuits where there is accommodation for every night, our "all-inclusive" formula (from 2 people) contents both housing and donkeys.

Duration: as you want

No model imposed, everyone chooses according to his tastes and choices: small stay of initiation or hard trek .

Tent or Roof?

The tent is a bit more adventure, it's economical. The accommodation is comfortable, good food, meeting.

The number of donkeys

We give you some elements to determine the number of necessary donkeys according vore organization and composition of your family.

The map

All our tours on an interactive map

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