one day walks

Une journée de randonnée avec un âne: une journée de nature,
une journée de complicité avec un doux compagnon,
une journée de fête pour les enfants!

Pour les randos à la journée, les départs  ont lieu entre 9 h et 11 h.
Pour les randos à la demi-journée, les départs ont lieu entre 13h30 et 14h30.
L'heure du retour est libre.

Réservation indispensable au 06 85 34 20 22 quelques jours à l'avance

meeting marmots

randonnée avec un âne à la rencontre des marmottesOrlu Ariège Pyrénées
randonnée facile stroll for everybody
rando aneOnly for one (or more) day. No possibility for half-day
rando anefrom July 1 until August 31
rando aneAltitude from 1100 m to 1500 m
rando aneDeparture and arrival at  entrance of Orlu Reserve at Fanguil parking

Famous for the great variety of its wild fauna, Orlu National Reserve constitutes a privileged site to study and observe the isards and marmots. Our donkeys await you at the entry of the reserve. While following a large path, this walk will take you along, in less than 2 hours to Pla d'En Gaudu. You're there in high mountain. The brook runs in bottom of valley. Stop a long moment. Here you observe isards, marmots, trouts, large raptors and many species of flowers. Return by the same way.

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around Lordat castle

randonnee avec un ane autour du chateau de Lordat
randonnée facile trek for families with young children
rando aneCircuit for a day or a half-day ( depaarture between   9 a.m. andt 11 a.m.) or a half-day ( depaarture between  13h30 p.m. and t 14h30 p.m.)
rando aneAll the year except July and August
rando aneAltitude from 700  to 900 mm
rando aneDeparture and arrival at Unac - stroll in loop

Quiet, the path winds between the dry stone walls that support the meadows on the sunny side of Ariege valley.
This looping tour crosses three villages adorned with Romanesque churches and passes by Lordat and his castle, perched on a promontory.
A delightful descent takes you back to Ariege valley and you then go back to Unac.

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