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How to load a donkey

Laurence and  Pivoine Laurence show you how to put a packsaddle on a donkey back.

Step 1: Place the cover
The felt protects the back of the animal against injuries done by contact of the wood against the skin.
Therefore, it is important that it does not bend, and it covers the entire surface of the pack-saddle.

Step 2: Place the packsaddle
The packsaddle must be placed instead on the front of the back.
Beware, it mustn't come up against the withers

Step 3: Tighten the straps 
Finally, pass the strap and tighten. The front strap must be tight to hold the packsaddle.
Instead, the back strap, which only hold the load in the rugged trails, must not compress the donkey and hinder breathing.

Step 4: Load bags 
Beware, the first day, weight control! You load a large bag on each side.
Both must have exactly the same weight, about 20 kilos each one 

Step 5: Do not forget that it's heavy!
When grazing beside the road, we keep our bags

But when you take a break, we also ...

17-02-2017, new website of
la ferme aux ânes is online!

 The first was born in the last century, in 1999, when Yves and Helene were alone on the farm. The activity of hiking and breeding of donkeys was already 10 years old and this new tool allowed the farm to make known the hike with donkeys in Haute-Ariège and to meet many hikers.

The second was put online in 2005, when David arrived on the farm. Associated with Yves and Hélène in  Farm-Society "La ferme aux ânes", they continued the breeding of cows and donkeys and the organization of hikes.

And here is the third which also corresponds to a mutation in our farm: Yves and Helene retired and were replaced by  2 Laurence.

Second generation of donkey and cattle breeders and always the same enthusiasm and the same pleasure!

This site is richer in information and better adapted to the tools of today.
Among the photos that embellish it, many were sent to us by hikers.

You have made a hike with our donkeys. If you have photos of your hike, do not hesitate to send them to us.
Pretty, funny, evocative, if you agree, they will adorn our site.

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